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There and Back Again (Story of the Hobbit)

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       Overview   Top

This is a fantasy folk-opera called "There and Back Again." It is the story of "The Hobbit," a book by J.R.R. Tolkien, but told in 21 lyric-rich songs composed from 53 minutes of original music. The music is fully orchestrated and performed by an ensemble of 16 instruments.

A short narrative introduces most of the songs. These narratives serve a two-fold purpose: (1) orientation for those who are unfamiliar with the story and (2) embellishment for those who are. The narratives add 21 minutes to the length of this performance, bringing it to a total of 74 minutes.

The story is set in a long forgotten time in which there exists Wizards, Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, Magic Swords and Rings, and Hobbits. Hobbits are little creatures – soft, round, and jovial, whose favorite pastime is to spend a leisurely afternoon in quite congenial conversation with a neighbor or friend over tea and crumpets. One of these Hobbits is Bilbo Baggins. It is Bilbo and his unexpected and unwanted journey that this story is about.

We hope you enjoy "There and Back Again."


       Overture   Top

Well, back in the Third Age of time
before our records show,
There lived a fellow half my size;
a quite lazy soul.
And he didn’t want to go
in search for dragon’s gold.
But an old man said to him,
“Come on, let’s begin!”


       Introduction   Top

One day, Bilbo is visited by an old man named Gandalf — a wizard in disguise. During his visit, Bilbo is railroaded into entertaining a group of 13 Dwarves that gather for a secret meeting in order to work out the details of an expedition that they intend to begin shortly.

They are planning to journey to a faraway land with the purpose of retrieving a fortune in gems and gold that has been confiscated over many years by a treacherous dragon named Smaug.

Bilbo goes to sleep thinking that Gandalf and the Dwarves, his very unwelcomed guests, are crazy. Contrary to their expectations, he has no intention of accompanying them. The whole idea of a dangerous journey is not Hobbit-like, and being referred to as "The Burglar" irritates and befuddles him beyond comprehension.

Hoping that the whole affair is just a bad dream, Bilbo is abruptly awoken and summoned to join the company outside. They are lined up and ready to begin their journey. After much resistance, but being given little choice in the matter, Bilbo finds himself marching off to encounter the unknown.


       Getting Ready   Top

Strapped to their backs are woolen sacks.
They’re ready to hit the road.
Thirteen Dwarves and a Wizard in grey,
but where is Bilbo?
Where he’s going,
he don't really know.
A burglar dared and scared,
he don’t want to go.

He don’t want to go.
He don’t need to know.
You know, he wants to stay at home.
Let them run the show.
But the wizard says,
“Get out of bed! Let’s go!”

He don’t want to go.
He don’t need to know.
You know, he wants to stay at home.
Let them run the show.
But the wizard says,
“Get out of bed! Let’s go!”


       They Travel East   Top

Bilbo can't understand why the company is so nonchalant, being that there is supposedly danger everywhere. Sure enough, all but Gandalf are captured by large mountain manlike creatures called Trolls.

Trolls are dangerous but they aren't very smart. Moreover, they are able to move around safely only from dusk till dawn because the sun will turn them to stone. Gandalf, hiding in the bushes, tricks the Trolls into arguing throughout the night, delaying the completion of the Dwarf and Hobbit stew they intend to make. To the horror of the Trolls, the sun comes up unexpectedly, rendering them immobile and enabling the Dwarves and Bilbo to escape their otherwise succulent demise.

In Hobbittown, where Bilbo lives, the Elves are legendary, known only to reside somewhere in the forest to their east. The company encounters the Elves and takes a much needed rest. Their visit with the Elves is so peaceful and comfortable that Bilbo wants to extend their stay indefinitely, but they must move on.

Leaving the Elf haven, the company travels east till they stand at the foot of a formidable mountain range. The weather is awful with thunder and lightening beyond imagination. Finding a cave, the company falls asleep while waiting out the storm.

In the middle of the night, the back of the cave begins to open. Suddenly, smoke and sparks fill the cave, stunning them as the small but evil Goblins grab and drag them through the opening in the wall.


       The Walking Song   Top

Walking down the road in the wake of June.
Picking at trees, singing lazy tunes.
Walking by day and sleeping by the midnight moon.

Playing the game by no one's rules.
"Silly," he thought, "just like a band of fools."
Hoping for the ways and a stay at home real soon.
And he didn't want to go.

Hanging from his toes by a man of stone.
He wishes he were back home.
Saved by Gandalf and the rising sun.
The mountain men are turned to stone.
The company moves on.

He finally gets to meet the Elves.
Living in a land so green.
Bilbo wants to stay behind
and live in peace in dreamland.
And rest in the forest so green.

Climbing hills, East they go.
Leaving that land he loves.
More than sad, the weather's bad.
They need a roof above them.
They find a cave by luck.

Safe inside from the outside hell.
What's going on? Who can really tell?
The snap of a crack and goodbye good old world.
The devils of darkness slipping down their ways.
With gifts they hurry down to where the leader stays.
A crack across your back will make you hurry down to their world.
And he didn't want to go.


       The Company is in Trouble   Top

The company of Dwarves and Bilbo are in trouble. The leader of the Goblins is about to execute them one by one. Luckily, Gandalf had avoided being captured in the cave and was able to slip inside unnoticed just before the wall closed.

As the first Dwarf is about to be struck down, Gandalf steps from the shadows and spins his magic. He stuns the Goblins with a bright flash and wields his powerful sword; cutting off the head of the Goblin leader with one fell swoop.

The Goblins shriek and scatter in fear as a thick black smoke masks the escape of Gandalf, the Dwarves, and Bilbo. Gandalf's magic sword glows in the presence of Goblins, which helps them find their way through the dark passageways. Still, the Goblins quickly reorganize and give chase, sending their fastest runners ahead to trip up their escaped prey.

Bilbo is slower than the others and rides the shoulders of one of the Dwarves. Without warning, Bilbo's head hits a low-hanging rock, causing him to fall off of the shoulders of his noble carrier. His fall knocks him unconscious, and he is regrettably left behind.


       It Looks Like the End is Coming   Top

Well it looks like the end is coming.
The company will have to fold.
Their hole card is their last play.
Gandalf the free plays mercilessly.
He lays the devil down cold.

And the blackness fills in the darkness
as the smoke fills up their eyes.
The wizard that he is now leads them on.
Using his blade, he lights the way.
His blade’s light dies with the cries.

But the demons are quick to catch them.
“Slip behind,” the runners are told.
Bilbo last, not half as fast.
A Dwarf so brave helps him on the way.
But he’s knocked down on the ground cold.
On the ground cold.


       Bilbo Wakes Up Alone   Top

Cold, scared and disoriented, Bilbo gains his wits and contemplates his most unfortunate situation. By chance, he happens to find a small metal-like object, but with more important things on his mind, he slips it into his pocket without much thought.

While looking for his friends and a way out of the mountain, Bilbo comes to an underground lake and encounters a strange creature in a boat. His name is Gollum. It turns out that Gollum is a Hobbit just like Bilbo, but many years of living underground has changed him into a hideous creature.

Gollum decides to eat Bilbo but, being clever, Bilbo cons Gollum into competing in a game of riddles -- the prize being either freedom for Bilbo or a scrumptious meal for Gollum. Not able to guess what Bilbo has in his pocket, Gollum loses the game but shrieks when he realizes that Bilbo has found his ring.

Running for his life, Bilbo races up the passageway only to trip and fall. Luckily though, Bilbo had inadvertently slipped on the ring he found and is amazed that Gollum runs right by him unnoticed. Yes, the ring makes the wearer invisible.

Bilbo follows Gollum who makes for the exit door high up on the mountain, thinking that Bilbo must be ahead of him. Gollum stops just short of the exit though since it is heavily guarded by Goblins. Bilbo waits quietly for his one chance. He takes a running start, jumps over Gollum's outstretched arms, and slips by the Goblins to freedom.


       Bilbo Finds the Ring   Top

He looks around.
Can’t even see the ground.
His head is spinning `round.
He thinks about his home.
He finds a thing;
a metal ring.

He plays the riddle game.
Wins by chance once again.
Runs as fast as he can,
`Til he falls, but now unseen.
Gollum runs by;
begins to cry “My ring!”

And Bilbo plays his cards.
He jumps over Gollum’s arms.
And fools the back door guards.
Leaving poor Gollum behind.
Slips through the door.
Seen no more.


       They are Reunited   Top

Bilbo removes his magic ring before rejoining Gandalf and the Dwarves. For some reason, he does not tell them about the ring he has found. Although all are rightfully elated, there is no time to celebrate. At dusk the Goblins and their large wolf-like friends, the Wargs, roam the lands freely.

At Gandalf's direction, they race down the mountain and across an open plain, hoping to reach the safety of Gandalf's friend who lives on an island in the distant stream. Unfortunately, the swift Wargs track them down and they are forced to seek the temporary safety of several lone pine trees.

Gandalf attempts to scare off the Wargs by showering them with a firework like substance that all good magicians seem to have at their disposal. Unfortunately, the Wargs are not phased and, worse, the Goblins come and use the small fires started by Gandalf to light the very trees occupied by him and his companions.

Luckily, back in the mountains from which they had just come, a lair of giant Eagles is watching the light show below. They race off to investigate, as they hate the Goblins.


       The Goblins are Coming   Top

The Goblins are coming so they race the sun.
The dawn of dusk will bring them on the run.
They’re all alive out on the other side.
But they won’t be long when the Wargs divide
the birds of no feather, all flocked together
on high.

The featherless birds in five fir trees.
The Goblins coming fast; just like a swarm of bees.
Gandolf tries to burn the Wargs with magical flame.
The Goblins come and lite the trees and burn him at his game.
The Eagles on high see the flashing colored lights
and they fly.

The leader of Eagles catches Gandolf as he falls.
The rest of the birds follow saving them all.
Bilbo hangs on for his scared skinny life.
He closes his eyes. He always was afraid of hieghts.
The Eagle is swift. Sets him on the cliff.
And Bilbo sighs.

The only frying he wants to do is at breakfast.


       Beorn Invites Them In   Top

After a short rest, the Eagles carry the company across the plain where they had been in such trouble the day before. They are left off to wade to the middle of a stream to the island on which Gandalf's friend Beorn resides. Beorn is greatly feared by the Goblins, since no one knows for sure whether at night he transforms into a bear or just dons a convincing fur. Either way, he is not one to be encountered after dark.

Beorn does not like visitors but Gandalf knows that he becomes intrigued by stories of adventure and mystery. So Gandalf introduces the Dwarves two at a time with just a piece of their fascinating tale until all have been introduced and welcomed by Beorn.

After a short rest, Gandalf informs Bilbo and the Dwarves that he must leave them to go off on a different although equally important journey.


       A Free Ride   Top

Take a free ride to the stone
called the Carrock by Beorn.
A bear so great or a man in a cape.
You never want to face him alone.

They trick him. He invites them in.
They feast away their fast all day.
With rest and aid, they go on their way.
They try but the wizard won’t stay.

They now must go and try their luck on their own.
They whine and moan. They don’t want to go alone.
Gandalf says “Now don’t you see?
It’s not really up to me.
I’ve got to go so we might meet eventually.”

“I’ve got to go though we might meet eventually.”


       About Mirkwood   Top

Between them and their destination lay a dark, thick, treacherous forest called Mirkwood. The Mirkwood Forest is infamous for its many strange and deadly inhabitants, including spies for a wicked Sorcerer, militant Elves, and huge Spiders that hiss like bees. The only chance they have is to avoid the magical waters that run through it and to stay on the path regardless of temptation.

Weary and hungry, the Dwarves finally forget the cardinal rule and leave the path in order to chase after an Elf barbecue that remains elusive to them. Lost and helpless, the Dwarves are captured by the Giant Spiders. Bilbo, however, manages to escape his would be captor by stabbing the spider with his short but sharp sword called "Sting." He then slips on his magic ring and attempts to free his friends.


       The Mirkwood Forest   Top

We'll they’re near the forest of the Mirkwood trees,
and Gandolf says “Good-bye.”
They beg him to stay but he’s on his way.
So they go alone and try,
To get by the forest
on a path where no one goes.
To get through the forest
out to where the green grass grows.

They travel along without a song
for the forest scares them so.
The pairs of eyes of the unseen spies,
of the forest pop and glow.
Everything goes smooth at first,
then they meet the stream.
They use the boat to avoid the spell,
the enchanted waters bring.
‘Cause if you drink from the forest,
So happy you will seem.
When you drink from the forest,
the water will make you dream.

Oooops! He fell! He’s under spell!
Bombur goes to sleep.
They carry him now each taking turns.
But still the path they keep.
For to the path of the forest,
they have to keep or die.
Keep the path of the forest,
or kiss themselves good-bye.

Without the sun and when their food is done,
they finally lose their heads.
Feasts of Elves, they invite themselves,
but poooof three times instead.
Bilbo wakes in time. He shakes
the spider and stings him still.
At least four score and maybe more.
They love to catch and kill.
For they are spiders in the forest.
Giants in a land of trees.
They are spiders in the forest.
Hissing like a bunch of bees.

Bilbo sees the bonded dwarves
all hung from spider’s string.
He sings insults the spiders hate.
They chase him as he sings.
On a trip through the forest,
he leads them all away.
On a trip through the forest,
‘doubles back and slips away.

Bilbo frees the bonded Dwarves
and fights returning foe.
Retreating from the spider’s nest,
all the time he deals them blows.
That the spiders in the forest
hate with a passion so.
That the spiders in the forest
give up and let them go.


       Captured by the Elves   Top

The Dwarves escape the Giant Spiders only to be captured by the less than friendly Mirkwood Elves. Bilbo manages to slip on his magic ring and follows behind unnoticed. (It should be noted that Bilbo’s ring makes him invisible only in the shade since the sun will still cast a shadow.)

The Dwarves are not willing to reveal the purpose of their mission to the Elf King, so he orders them to be locked in prison until they change their minds.

Free to move about the kingdom unseen, Bilbo devises a plan to free the Dwarves from captivity. His plan involves stuffing them into empty wine-barrels that are regularly sent down-river to Lake-town for refilling. Needless to say, the Dwarves are not happy with Bilbo's plan, although it is the best one available to them.


       The Elven King   Top

They’re marched through the forest
by the Elves to the Elven King.
They’re locked in his dungeon
`cause they won’t tell the King anything;
of their long lost treasure
and the promise they intend to bring;
of return to glory
in the story that the people all sing.

They don’t know Bilbo,
unseen with the shaded eye.
He thinks of a plan,
but the dwarves don’t understand why,
they’ve got to be packed,
then racked in the water to die,
of the cold and wet.
You bet you better tell they why.

Bouncing on the water
and bumping down the river inside
the barrels in which
the Dwarves are barely alive.
Of course, poor Bilbo,
they left him to ride outside.
Still there’s hatin’ in the waitin’,
if only they arrive alive.

Still there’s hatin’ in the waitin’,
if only they arrive alive.


       They Arrive in Laketown   Top

Waterlogged, cold, and angry, the Dwarves survive the raging river and arrive at Laketown, a town predominantly inhabited by humans. The residents are elated at the arrival of the Dwarves due to the prospect of fulfilled prophecies with regard to the dragon's demise and the riches to be freed as a result.

North of Laketown, up river, is where the mountain in which Smaug and his confiscated gold lay. Legend has it that there is a secret doorway somewhere high up the mountainside. It is said that this secret door provides access to a narrow shaft that runs straight into the heart of the mountain. It served as an escape route for the ancient Dwarf Kings, the original inhabitants of the mountain before Smaug moved in.

With some effort, the Dwarves and Bilbo find the door. When they finally get it to open, Bilbo learns why the Dwarves refer to him as "The Burglar." It is Bilbo who is expected to go down the secret forgotten way.


       A Warm Welcome   Top

There’s a party in town. What’s going down?
People are dancing in the streets.
Singing songs so old about rivers of gold
pouring out from the mountain’s feet.

The Dwarves though few make times so new,
when Dragons are laughed out loud.
The Laketown Men are glad to send
them off to part the mountain’s cloud.

The journey is slow. The river don’t flow
up to where the mountain lay.
The Laketown men go south again.
Dragon fear leads the way.

They forget the lore. They find the door.
With the key and the setting sun.
It opens wide. Lets the dark outside.
The burglar’s job’s begun.

The burglar’s job’s begun.
And he didn’t want to go.


       They Find the Door   Top

Faced with the prospect of entering the black hole that stands before him, Bilbo wrestles with his fears. It is here that Bilbo finds himself and assumes a leadership role in the expedition.


       The Secret Way of Kings   Top

He looks around.
He can’t even see the ground.
Decides to go down
the secret way of kings.
Slips through the door.
Seen no more.

He wears his golden ring.
Heads for the glowing thing.
Thinks twice. Then loosens Sting.
He thinks about his home.
The throbbing sound grows
with the heat and the fiery glow.

And Bilbo wins right here.
Overcomes his Baggins’ fear.
And chances on his life so dear.
He comes to the hall of gold.
Upon the gold
the flesh of the dragon glows.


       Bilbo Encounters Smaug   Top

Wearing his magic ring, Bilbo enters the hall of gold and encounters Smaug, the dragon. To this point, Smaug seems nearly invincible, with no known weakness.


       The Hall of Gold   Top

Bilbo sticks his head into the secret hall.
The riches of the room lay from wall to wall.
Smaug lay asleep upon a heap of gold.
He wares a suit of precious stone that sparkles and glows.
Bilbo steals around; picks a pitcher off the ground,
and slips away.

Smaug wakes up to find the cup is gone.
The mountain shakes. The party looks. Something’s gone wrong.
Smaug scours the mountainside for the sneaky one.
The death of the thief so bold who stole his gold will come.
They huddle in the bay with the door in the way.
Smaug goes away.

Bilbo goes down again to see what he can see.
Smaug knows he enters though he doesn’t seem to be.
A dragon’s sense of smell can tell a stranger in the lair.
Bilbo plays the dragon’s game and finds a spot is bare.
The Dragon’s armor’s got a hole, and little Bilbo knows,
he’s got to get away.

Smaug scorches Bilbo as he races up the hall.
Bilbo loses all his hair and struggles not to fall.
He’s greeted by the eager Dwarves to tell them all his tale.
He begs them all to close the door for soon Smaug will avail.
His green and ruby flame scorches the mountainside in vain.
And then he flies away.

He doesn’t know who they are.
But he knows from where they came.


       Smaug Vents His Anger   Top

Before Smaug ravaged the mountainside, Bilbo told the Dwarves about the hole in Smaug’s suit of armor. A bird, overhearing the conversation, took flight for Laketown with the news.

Then Smaug came upon the Dwarves and Bilbo who took shelter in the passageway, using the door as a shield. Although they escaped the fire, the door is smashed and sealed forever, trapping the Dwarves and Bilbo high up inside the mountain.

The Dwarves and Bilbo have no way of knowing that Smaug is headed for Laketown to vent his rage. Mystified at the dead silence, and nowhere else to go, they eventually make their way down to the hall of gold.

However, when they arrive, the scene is quite different from what Bilbo had described. The hall is pitch dark and lifeless. Clearly, Smaug is not home.

Like kids in a candy store, the Dwarves light a few torches and spring off to rummage through the priceless treasure that lays before them.


       Nobody is Home   Top

They huddle on the floor. They looked for the door.
They’re trapped in the secret way of Kings.
They sit and stay just waiting for the day;
waiting for the death Smaug brings.
They’re sure he’s coming.
He’s gonna come real soon.
But there is no sound,
so they head straight down there tomb.

And there is no light to see.
They wonder where Smaug can be.
They roam that room of gold, so old,
so impatiently.
The way is clear.
They forget their fear to be.

And there is no light to see.
They wonder where Smaug can be.
They roam that room of gold, so old,
so impatiently.
The way is clear.
They forget their fear to be.


       They Rummage Though the Treasure   Top

Bilbo notices that all of the Dwarves but Thorin are excited as they rummage through the treasure left unattended in Smaug's absence. Thorin is more than the leader of the Dwarves. He is of direct lineage to the ancient kings. His pride and joy is a magnificent diamond known as "The Arkenstone," a family heirloom lost to Smaug long ago. Unlike the other Dwarves who are absorbed by the riches around them, the only thing on Thorin's mind is his Arkenstone.

Bilbo, first in the chamber, finds Thorin's priceless gem. Though he is not sure why, something tells Bilbo to keep the gem’s discovery from the others. So Bilbo secretly puts the Arkenstone in his pocket, even though his friend Thorin continues to search in quite desperation for it.


       The Arkenstone   Top

Bilbo walks upon a mountain of gold.
The wonder of its beauty stories never really told.
His light dances in the night as he heads for the light that glows.
The priceless gem is just a sight to see.
He puts it in his pocket and keeps it secretly,
Though Thorin doesn’t know so he looks for it eagerly.
And he didn’t want to go.

Now the gold lay in front of them.
But where is the dragon?


       Smaug Heads for Laketown   Top

While the Dwarves are rummaging through the gems and gold, Smaug is headed for Laketown to seek revenge. Bard, the captain of the guard at Laketown, is responsible for the safety of its residents. By all accounts, Bard is the best man for the job.

At first, the residents interpret the light show in the distance as gold pouring from the mountain. Bard knows otherwise. He warns that Smaug is on his way. Bard petitions his men to wet down the town, cut off all access ways, and fortify for the coming onslaught.

The battle is fierce but one-sided. They are no match for the angry Dragon. However, just as all seems lost, the bird that overheard the news discovered by Bilbo tells Bard of Smaug's one weakness -- the small hole in the armor covering his chest.


       Smaug Smotes Laketown   Top

The Laketown Men see the lightening
coming from the mountain as gold.
They dance and sing that the Dwarves did bring
“The gold,” Bard said, “is a light I dread.”
The light’s not right
Smaug’s not dead.

And the fiery light grows stronger
as Smaug flies swift and sure.
Grim Bard says “We’ll all be dead
if we don’t wet the town and break the bridge down.
He tells his men,
“Fight to the end!”

And Smaug comes hot and angry.
Crushing with his tail.
He brings quick death with his scorching breath.
A bird tells Bard what he has heard.
There’s a bare spot
on Smaug’s left breast.

Bard sends an arrow screaming
straight for Smaug’s left breast.
So fierce its flight, it turns out the lights
of Smaug so old as he hits the cold
water boils throughout the night.


       The Aftermath   Top

Recovering from their battle with Smaug, the people of Laketown morn their loses, but the promise of all that gold up in the mountain soon inspires them to move on. The birds are the area's conduit of information with regard to news from afar, and soon everyone knows of Laketown's triumph and Smaug's demise.

Smaug had confiscated gems and gold indiscriminately. Although a large portion came from the families of the Dwarves, no one group remained untouched by his greed and savagery. Now that Smaug is dead, the people of Laketown and the Elves of Mirkwood naturally look for the return of the gold that once belonged to them.

Back up at the mountain, Thorin and the Dwarves hear of the fast approaching hoard. Believing the gold to be rightfully theirs alone, the Dwarves build a wall to help defend their property.


       Many Claims are Made   Top

The Lakemen’s town, it’s all broken down.
So the people gather on the west shore.
They cry through the night yet they talk about the light
from the mountain and the mountain’s lore.

The Mirkwood Elves have heard the news
from the birds of the dragon’s end.
They want the gold that was once theirs,
so they head to the town of men.

They bury the dead. A host is led
straight through the baron lands.
They settle in a bay with a lake in the way
and a wall they don’t understand.

You see, the Dwarves were told by the birds that
“old claims will soon be laid.”
So they built a wall where they are ready to fall.
For Dwarves’ gold deals aren’t made.

For Dwarves’ gold deals aren’t made.
And he didn’t want to go.


       Bilbo Seeks to Avoid Conflict   Top

Though petitioned by representatives of both the Men of Laketown and the Elves of Mirkwood, Thorin will not give a portion of the gold to them. Knowing how important the Arkenstone is to Thorin, Bilbo reasons that it may be wise to give the precious stone to the Men and Elves so that they may use it as a bargaining chip in an attempt to gain Thorin's cooperation.

Bilbo waits for everyone to fall asleep. When they do, he slips over the wall that divides the parties. Bilbo is immediately taken by Elf guards and ushered to the camp established by the Men of Laketown. All stare in awe as they view the Arkenstone.

Bilbo meets Gandalf who has returned from his secret but most important journey. Gandalf praises Bilbo for his proactive thinking. Reluctantly, Bilbo sneaks back across the wall where his friends still lay fast asleep.


       A Way to End the Fight   Top

They’re fast asleep. Bilbo creeps
over the wall to find,
a way to end the fight. He’s got the gem so bright;
the stone that’s on Thorin’s mind.

He’s led by the Mirkwood Elves
straight to the camp of men.
They can’t believe the gem they see.
Now Thorin will bargain.

“Bilbo, you did the right thing again.
Bilbo, I knew you would in the end.
Hey! I’m Gandolf, can’t you see?
Stick out the times to be.
And Bilbo, we might even meet again.

Bilbo, we might even see the end.”


       Thorin Calls Bilbo a Traitor   Top

Thorin stares at the Arkenstone. He is dumb-founded that his opponents have it. Bilbo admits that he gave it to them, but explains that his intent was to help settle their dispute. Bilbo argues that he merely gave away his share of the wealth, and that he wants nothing more in return but peace among the Dwarves, Elves, and Men. Still, Thorin calls Bilbo a traitor and denounces him as a friend.

Faced with overwhelming numbers, Thorin sends a bird with a message for his cousin Dain to come at once. Within a few hours Dain gets the message and re-directs his army of Dwarves from a minor skirmish in the east to the conflict brewing at the mountain. They are to arrive the following morning.

The stage is set for an unfortunate battle between the Dwarves, Elves, and Men.


       The Stage is Set   Top

Thorin is shown
his long sought Arkenstone.
He says, “How does it come by you?”
Bilbo says, “I’m guilty to
give it away.
But that’s my share and I don’t care,
to fight and watch the day
end in dismay.
You know I’m sorry but I gave my share away.”

Bilbo is told
he now will get no gold.
He’s a traitor by Thorin.
Good Bard says “Now let’s bargain.
Give us our share
and we will go for we don’t care,
to take your wealth away.
We’ll go on our way.
You’ll get your stone when we get our pay.”

Dain marched all night.
Thorin hopes to win the fight
with help from his kin.
Get the stone and give nothing.
Dain came with the morn.
He sees his foe and gives them warn,
that none shall stop his way.
At least they’ll have to pay.
Thorin’s called. Now Dain will pave the way.

Bard’s men block the way
As the Dwarves march with the day.
Battle is about begun.
But wait! What’s happened to the sun?
A cloud of bats have come.
And underneath run glimmering teeth.
The goblins have come.
Wargs and wolves are on the run.
The “Battle of Five Armies” has begun.

The “Battle of Five Armies” has begun.


       Prelude to Battle   Top

Just as battle is about to begin, the Goblins, Orcs, Wargs and Wolves, enter the open plain unannounced under the cover of a cloud of Bats. Gandalf quickly calls a truce and a meeting of Dwarves, Elves and Men is held right on the battlefield.


       The Battle of Five Armies   Top

Gandalf calls a halt to the assault of Dain.
Council is made out on the open plain.
They plan to trap their foe between the mountain sides.
The thunder passed has brought the Bats. The Goblins arrive.
Bilbo disappears. He doesn’t want to be near
the fight below.

The Goblins running wild race between the hills.
The Elves meet them first with their arrows and spears.
They fill the valley full with Goblin dead.
They swing their gleaming swords that the Goblins dread.
The rocks are stained black but the Goblins fight back
and hold their ground.

The Dwarves and Men come from the other hill.
Panic comes upon their foe and many flee until
the Goblins climb the mountain from the other side.
They come like the waves of an endless black tide.
The smell of victory now just a memory.
The day wears on.

The ‘King from the Mountain’ tries but can not hold
back the smashing blows from the Guards of Bolg.
The Goblins circle `round and gnaw away,
at the ranks of Dwarves and Men about to give way.
Bilbo looks in misery. “Why does it have to be
and end this way?”

Bilbo looks into the west and thinks he can see
shapes dark and small yet they fly majestically.
“The Eagles have come!” echoes the valley below.
Line after line they swoop upon their doomed foe.
Bilbo hits the ground when a stone hits his crown.
He knows no more.


       The Price of War   Top

Upon waking up, after having been knocked out by a stray rock, Bilbo struggles to regain consciousness. Thanks to the last minute help of the majestic Eagles, his friends have won the battle — but at what cost?


       Goodbye Thorin   Top

Bilbo wakes upon the hill alone.
His head is burning. He is chilled as stone.
He looks in the valley and sees that his friends have won.

He’s carried by a Man to the camp below.
He meets the Wizard and is told to go
to see Thorin who lay from many a blow.

Thorin says, “Farewell good thief.
I’m sorry for my words and terrible deed.
I want to be your friend as I leave.”

Bilbo kneels down. Says “Glad to be `round to share your journey.”
Bilbo turns away. Weeps away the day.
Says “Glad he died a friend to me.”

Bilbo longs to return to home.
He says his goodbyes and when all is done
he packs up light and heads for the setting sun.

Gandalf the Gray rides by his side.
The journey is long yet they enjoy the ride.
Still Bilbo yearns for home so deep inside.

He didn't want to go. He didn't have to show, but he showed them.
He really wanted to stay but Gandalf the Gray said,
"Go there and back again."


       Going Home   Top

Well back in the Third Age of time,
before our records show,
there lived a fellow half my size;
a quiet lazy soul.
Though he didn’t want to go
he searched for dragons gold.
Now Gandalf says to him
“You’re a hero now Baggins.”

This website is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®. Humanology® is the science of understanding human nature. The ramifications of understanding human nature are many. A few examples follows, demonstrating the broad range and power of this breakthrough knowledge.The ramifications of understanding human nature are many.

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It's Not About Love is a musical written for high school and college students. It reveals the secret to success in romance and fulfillment in marriage. It's message is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®.

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